Little Hoppy frog

This is a simple little frog and can be made with scrap paper. You can make it any size depending on the amount of paper you have.
What you will need:
-paper (three colors)

Cut four long strips of paper for the legs. Then cut two circles the same size all from the same color of paper.

From a different color of paper cut a tongue and from another scrap cut out eyes.
Make sure the eyes are an oblong shape so they can be folded at the bottom and be glued onto the head.

Fold one of the circles in half and glue it onto the head. This will become the mouth. Glue in the tongue and then then the eyes.
Take the four long strips and fold them like a fan. Glue them onto the bottom and they become springy legs.
For an added bit of fun you can glue on some googly eyes.
Happy hopping!

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christa said...

I love your frog and linked it to my blog. Just wanted you to know, since I'm always eager to get feedback myself on my stuff.