Glass swirl Christmas ornament

Make your own personalized Christmas ornaments.

What you will need:
-clear glass or plastic ornaments
-acrylic craft paint

First drizzle in a few different colors of paint then rotate the ornament around until the paint has covered all the clear areas.
I let the kids choose the colors and drizzle the paint.
If you want a really neat look rest the ornament on it's side balanced in the rim of a cup and rotate a few times a day over a week. The results will be really pretty.
I was too impatient for that and shook it up.
Put the top back on and tie a ribbon around it.

Hang it on the tree or wrap it up as a gift.

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homemom1001 said...

I have tried this one before - even with glitter, but it was not anywhere near as cute as some that I have seen....maybe I am too impatient, or maybe I used too much paint?? Hmmm....