Daffodil pop out

Fresh like spring.
Make a daffodil with a pop out centre.
What you will need:
-paper (three colors)
-a button
-glue scissors

First cut out a stem and a few leaves from one color of paper. From that same sheet also cut a 2-3 x 1 inch long rectangle.
zig-zag cut along the top of the rectangle and then cut 1 cm cuts into the other side.

Roll the rectangle around your finger and glue it. Then fold the bottom in so it makes a flat base. This becomes the center of your flower.

Now cut five flower petals from another sheet of paper.

Glue the stem and leaves onto the third piece of paper and then glue the flower petals down too.

Now glue the flower center piece down and then glue a button into the center of it.
Enjoy your pop up daffodil picture.

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