Sparkly angel card

What you will need:
-card stock
-pastel crayons
-a black pencil crayon

First draw out your angel with the pastels on a piece of heavy paper or card stock. color it in and smudge the corners with your finger.
Go back and add a few details with the pastels (like ruffles on the dress) and features on the face with the pencil crayon.
glue on glitter and cut out the angel.
Glue onto your card.

Send to someone.


Seashell crab

Create little sea creatures with shells.
What you will need:
-a shell
-googly eyes
-foam sheet
-glue scissors
From the foam sheet cut out  the claws with enough space in between to glue to the underside of the shell. (as below)
Glue the claw body part under the shell and then glue on the eyes.
For an added touch you can glue on gems or fuzz balls.
Let dry.

Happy as a clam!

All the supplies for this craft were purchased from the dollar store.
Bag of 50+ shells-$1
bag of 160 eyes-$1
brick of 40 sheets of foam-$1

A great craft for a large group of kiddos!

Under the sea crowns

Calling all kings and queens of the sea.
Dazzle you tresses with finds from the deep.

What you will need:

-Foam fish stickers

Cut out a crown shape from construction paper.
Glue on gems and glitter then add fish stickers.
For an added extra touch glue on little shells.

Tape the ends together and plop it on your head.

Hail the sea royalty!

Paper globe

Create a hanging paper globe. With Christmas paper you can make ornaments or for Valentines day use paper with hearts.
Any occasion can come into the mix just change the pattern on the paper.

 One night when Kaitlyn and I were up late I came across the pattern online and gave it a shot. We loved what we created and just had to share it.
What you need:
-double sided tape
-circle punch or a pattern to trace
Cut 20 circles. You can find the pattern (and great instructions) for the circles and the folding triangle here.
(I love her site!)

Fold the edges in forming a triangle. Do this to all 20 circles.
Start taping them together until they form a ball.
thread a ribbon through the center and tie a bead on one end.
Enjoy the pretty ball!


Valentine or Mother's day candy center flower

Give a tasty treat on Valentines day or for Mother's day.
What you will need:
-green paper
-patterned paper
-tissue paper

Wrap the lollipop in tissue paper and tape the paper around the stick.
Cut four hearts out of the patterned paper and a leaf from the green sheet.
Punch a hole in the v of the hearts and at the base of the leaf.
Thread them all onto the lollipop, leaf last. Tape the petals and leaf on the back to keep it on place.
Write a sweet note and pass it on!

Foam snow man ornament or puppet

Brighten up your space with a foam snowman.
You can punch a hole in the top of his hat and he will become an ornament, or stick him on a popsicle stick and he becomes a puppet.

What you will need:
-three sheets of foam. One white one.
-googly eyes

Cut out the snowman body shape from the white sheet. Then cut out arms, mitts and a hat.
Let the child glue it all together and let dry.

Penguin Christmas card

Festive home made cards.

What you will need:
-red and white felt
-googly eyes
-orange, black and white paper
-card stock
-patterned paper for background

Cut shapes from all the colored paper as shown above.
Assemble penguin as on the card at the top.
Are these the lamest directions ever or what?!
If you need more detailed directions let me know.

Glass swirl Christmas ornament

Make your own personalized Christmas ornaments.

What you will need:
-clear glass or plastic ornaments
-acrylic craft paint

First drizzle in a few different colors of paint then rotate the ornament around until the paint has covered all the clear areas.
I let the kids choose the colors and drizzle the paint.
If you want a really neat look rest the ornament on it's side balanced in the rim of a cup and rotate a few times a day over a week. The results will be really pretty.
I was too impatient for that and shook it up.
Put the top back on and tie a ribbon around it.

Hang it on the tree or wrap it up as a gift.

Bunny mask

Play make believe with fun animal masks. Any animal can be made following this same idea.

What you will need:
-three foam sheets
-a fuzzy puff for the nose
-ribbon or elastic string

First cut out the face shape of the animal you want to make then cut eye holes into it. Use either a hole punch or a pen to pike holes on the sides for the ribbon or elastic.
Then cut out ears and cheeks from the other sheets of foam.

Glue it all together and don’t forget the nose.

Daffodil pop out

Fresh like spring.
Make a daffodil with a pop out centre.
What you will need:
-paper (three colors)
-a button
-glue scissors

First cut out a stem and a few leaves from one color of paper. From that same sheet also cut a 2-3 x 1 inch long rectangle.
zig-zag cut along the top of the rectangle and then cut 1 cm cuts into the other side.

Roll the rectangle around your finger and glue it. Then fold the bottom in so it makes a flat base. This becomes the center of your flower.

Now cut five flower petals from another sheet of paper.

Glue the stem and leaves onto the third piece of paper and then glue the flower petals down too.

Now glue the flower center piece down and then glue a button into the center of it.
Enjoy your pop up daffodil picture.

Little Hoppy frog

This is a simple little frog and can be made with scrap paper. You can make it any size depending on the amount of paper you have.
What you will need:
-paper (three colors)

Cut four long strips of paper for the legs. Then cut two circles the same size all from the same color of paper.

From a different color of paper cut a tongue and from another scrap cut out eyes.
Make sure the eyes are an oblong shape so they can be folded at the bottom and be glued onto the head.

Fold one of the circles in half and glue it onto the head. This will become the mouth. Glue in the tongue and then then the eyes.
Take the four long strips and fold them like a fan. Glue them onto the bottom and they become springy legs.
For an added bit of fun you can glue on some googly eyes.
Happy hopping!

Fall leaves and twigs

Create a fun fall craft with twigs and leaves collected on a walk or in the yard.

What you will need:
- paper
- your treasures from the outdoors
- glue
-stickers or pop up stickies

I found these little resin animals at the dollar store.
Happy crafting!